Monday, October 6, 2008

Green Temple Float - LoveFest 2008 San Francisco

Saturday, Temple took its show on the road.  LoveFest is an electronic music parade.  Instead of watching from the side lines, spectators become participants and follow the floats dancing down the streets as they go by.  This year is the first time that Temple made a float for the fest.  It was called Green Temple and was complete with Temple Arches, Sound System, Solar Panels, Plants, bamboo.  We gave out Music that we created in our Studios at Temple Music Group.  Shirts, reusable shopping bags and seed packets.  Props to Dutch, Sen Sei, Steve, Xavi and the whole temple team for making it happen and look good.

The concept of taking the party to the streets is core to overcoming our perception that urban and nature are separate.    As of 2008, more than half of the worlds population live in cities.  Cities were only designed for people with no consideration for the natural world.  We need to rethink this or we will continue down a path that will dehabilitate our planets ability to provide the the support systems which enable us to live on Earth.  I am not saying that simply having a party in the street is going to cure us and our ways, but its a start.  We need to realize that just because we paved the ground and erected mega structures that we are still connected to the natural world.  Thank you wonderful people of San Francisco for allowing this to happen and for participating.  

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