Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Temple Nightclub named 2008 Small Business of the Year

Last night the Chamber of Commerce of San Francisco hosted the Ebbies the award ceremony for excellence in business (somehow they get Ebbie's from that.)   Zen compound/Temple Nightclub  was nominated to be a finalist in the small business of the year category.   
CRITERIA - "Awarded to a small, San Francisco business that exemplifies the diversity of products and services that give San Francisco's neighborhoods their special flair and/or is an example of the entrepreneurial spirit, that demonstrates  an investment in the city's future"

The awards dinner was at the Hilton was attended by over 1500 people all wearing suits, a far departure from the usual suspects to inhabit the compound.   We were seated at head table #1 right in front of the stage so we had a good feeling.   The whole event was a bit surreal with live band and video intros that resembled the Academy Awards. When it came time for small business of the year then compound/temple nightclub was declared the winner. Owner, Paul Hemming, delivered a heartfelt message to all in attendance. "For as long as I can remember I have understood the world to be one living organism and one family quote" Paul stated in his address to the business community. The trophy is a kaleidoscope.

 The other winners from the night included the California  Academy of Sciences, Kaiser Permanente, DIGG,  Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and QB3.  

It was a great honor to receive this award having only been open  to the public for one year.   The San Francisco  business community has always been one of innovation.  Now that the environmental externalities ignored since industrialization are becoming more apparent,  the business community  is saying that the environment and business are linked. Organizations like the Chamber of Commerce lookout for business interests.  I think it's fair to say  that the business community has spoken  and they are honoring and seeking how to best to minimize their impacts and increase their benefits to the community.  

Link to the Winners

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