Friday, October 24, 2008

Homeless Labor Force

When walking into work today I ran into one of the neighborhood homeless people named Mike. Living in an urban environment which is often completely devoid of people it is important to develop relationships with your neighbors even if they don't have a home. I often stop to talk with him and his friends and tell them that the projects that we are working on for the community. This morning he stop me to say that he's been talking to his friends and they feel that they would be able to organize and pick up the Flyers on the streets before Monday morning business starts and they are able to make their way into the sewers and eventually the ocean. He said that he cleans an entire parking lot half the size of football field for $10 and would also be able to do with few blocks for that same price. The venues that choose to advertise using the wasteful ways of flyers should foot that bill.
Clubs often purchase 1000-3000 flyers for one event and canvass the city. There is a special UV coating that can be applied and make the cost of flyers go down substantially. However these flyers cannot be recycled because they are a combination of plastic and paper which cannot be sorted from each other. Not only can I not be sorted but if they wind up in the ocean via the city sewer system they will not fully decompose and wind up as added plastic to the great Pacific garbage patch or the Pacific Geyer. With collective action and pooling venues order needs we should be able to find a vendor which will match the price of UV coating to street paper flyers assuming we have a large enough volume. Just another example of how industry communication and collaboration can help us do the right thing without breaking budgets.

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