Monday, October 6, 2008

Music, Technology and Social Activism Panel

On Friday October 3rd,  Director of Sustainability, Mike Zuckerman spoke on a Panel at the Get Connected Summit on "Music Technology and Social Activism".  What a powerful combination of things that work synergistically with each other to create change.  Change and Action come from either crisis or inspiration.  If we wait till there is a crisis that means we waited too long, ignored the warning signs and have dug a hole to crawl out of... instead if we can leverage music and technology to inspire people to take action and unite we can rectify the worlds wrongs.  We can drive the change instead of respond to it.  "It was an honor to be on a panel with passionate people who are leveraging their ability to bring people together and fuse that with a cause.  Everyone there is committed to   

They recorded audio and video and as soon as it is posted it will be posted here so check back. 

Other Panelists
Tim Pratt (Writer, DJ) Moderator
Lauren Segal-Avenna (Next Aid)
Darien Rodriguez (Craigslist Foundation)
Sloane Berrent (
Chris Wiedmann (

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